AcciSure is a unique South African membership programme offering comprehensive services to navigate life’s challenges. AcciDrive provides swift access to private medical treatment for commuters, while AcciClaims guides individuals through the RAF claiming process, and AcciWork ensures business compliance with the Compensation Fund, prioritising employee well-being. Explore the advantages of our AcciRewards product, enhancing your overall experience.

Within our AcciSure Value Added Services, discover a 24-hour lifeline with a Personal Health Advisor, Virtual Health Consultations, and Feel Better Fast Vouchers for minor ailments. Lastly, LearnerSure supports education by connecting learners with qualified teachers. Accisure stands as a compassionate partner dedicated to building a healthier, happier future for all our members.


Provides peace of mind that, in the event of an injury during your commute, you will receive the best possible private medical care and the assistance you deserve.


Assistance with the process of claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) if you were injured, you are survived by a legal dependent, or you are the deceased member’s close relative responsible for funeral expenses.


Should there be a workplace or vehicle accident while working, AcciWork ensures that your business is compliant and that administration is taken care of, while guaranteeing that your employees receive private medical care.


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Value Added Services

A wide spectrum of health services crafted to provide support for both you and your beloved ones.


A reliable, accessible, and effective educational tool designed to support and enhance every child’s learning and understanding of key subjects.


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